Source code for atom.list

# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Copyright (c) 2013-2021, Nucleic Development Team.
# Distributed under the terms of the Modified BSD License.
# The full license is in the file LICENSE, distributed with this software.
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
from .catom import DefaultValue, Member, Validate
from .instance import Instance
from .typing_utils import extract_types, is_optional

[docs]class List(Member): """A member which allows list values. Assigning to a list creates a copy. The orginal list will remain unmodified. This is similar to the semantics of the assignment operator on the C++ STL container classes. """ __slots__ = "item" def __init__(self, item=None, default=None): """Initialize a List. Parameters ---------- item : Member, type, or tuple of types, optional A member to use for validating the types of items allowed in the list. This can also be a type object or a tuple of types, in which case it will be wrapped with an non-optional Instance member. If this is not given, no item validation is performed. default : list, optional The default list of values. A new copy of this list will be created for each atom instance. """ if item is not None and not isinstance(item, Member): opt, types = is_optional(extract_types(item)) item = Instance(types, optional=opt) self.item = item self.set_default_value_mode(DefaultValue.List, default) self.set_validate_mode(Validate.List, item)
[docs] def set_name(self, name): """Set the name of the member. This method ensures that the item member name is also updated. """ super(List, self).set_name(name) if self.item is not None: self.item.set_name(name + "|item")
[docs] def set_index(self, index): """Assign the index to this member. This method ensures that the item member index is also updated. """ super(List, self).set_index(index) if self.item is not None: self.item.set_index(index)
[docs] def clone(self): """Create a clone of the list. This will clone the internal list item if one is in use. """ clone = super(List, self).clone() item = self.item if item is not None: clone.item = item_clone = item.clone() mode, ctxt = self.validate_mode clone.set_validate_mode(mode, item_clone) else: clone.item = None return clone